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Chemistry, Master of Science, MS

Chemistry is a diverse discipline encompassing living processes, inorganic interactions, and analytical methods. With our research-and-thesis-based masters you’ll be well grounded in the five sub-disciplines of chemistry and in your area of emphasis, providing you a foundation for a career in areas such as pharmacy, forensics, medicine, the environment, space exploration, and international defense.

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Biology, MS

NAU’s biology MS program prepares students for research-focused professions in the biological sciences, emphasizing the students’ ability to develop experimental approaches that accurately capture information to solve questions and problems in their biological field of study.  Our faculty members conduct research in the many fields of biology, from the level of single molecules to whole ecosystems. From the first day of entry into our program, students work closely with their faculty mentor, selecting a course of study suited to their future goals and professional interests. The program enables graduates to contribute to the forefront of knowledge in the scientific community, share what they’ve learned through teaching, or apply it in public service or industry.  

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Mathematics Education, MS

Do you find beauty in mathematics, love the challenge of finding new ways to solve a problem, and enjoy the satisfaction of helping others learn? NAU’s Master of Science in Mathematics Education degree emphasizes connections between secondary and post-secondary mathematics content and effective teaching practices.  Here, you will deepen your understanding of key concepts in middle school, high school, and college-level mathematics while learning how to use research in mathematics education to guide your professional development. You will learn how to use a variety of tools to create interactive learning environments designed to engage all learners.

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