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Applied Physics, MS

The Department of Physics and Astronomy offers a two-year master's degree that will provide you with a strong core of applied physics and essential research skills, and prepare you for employment in high-technology industries, research institutes, or for further academic study in physics. The program will train you in laboratory skills, providing you with computational and computer modeling expertise, developing your competencies in the use and design of modern instrumentation, and providing you with a basic foundation in physics. There are both thesis and coursework options available. These plans can be interdisciplinary, integrating a broad range of subject areas to enhance opportunities in research or the private sector.

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Informatics, MS

Informaticists apply interdisciplinary scientific and technological skill sets to analyze and develop solutions for problems central to contemporary science. The MS in Informatics prepares you to enter the informatics workforce or continue on to a doctoral program of study.

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Mechanical Engineering, MS

Our MS in mechanical engineering equips you with the knowledge and skills to tackle challenging engineering problems. The program features courses on classical and contemporary topics that prepare you to use traditional and modern engineering analysis, characterization, and design tools to generate efficient and economic engineering solutions for dynamically evolving social environments.

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