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Psychological Sciences, Bachelor of Science

This plan prepares students to function as well-rounded generalists with a strong foundation in both counseling psychology and school psychology. Students engage in substantive training utilizing a scientist-practitioner model integrating psychological theory, research, and practice. The combined approach promotes the optimal development of individuals, families, groups, and environmental systems using empirically supported, culturally sensitive interventions that include assessment and diagnosis, interdisciplinary teamwork, relatively brief intervention approaches, prevention, consultation, outcome evaluation, career-development, and ethical decision-making,  in a broad array of settings including schools, universities, integrated healthcare, community mental health, correctional facilities, and independent practice. We believe that this core is best realized using a scientist-practitioner training model that includes a systematic analysis of human behavior, careful applications of best practice, and a methodical evaluation of the effectiveness of these applications.

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Management, BS or BA

As you pursue your BA or BS in Management through Personalized Learning, you will study core elements and current case studies that apply to managing human capital, enterprise-wide fiscal, technological and operational planning and applications, critical thinking in management planning and problem-solving, marketing, quality management, communication and leadership.  The program focuses on current issues and theory-to-practice exercises in order to prepare managers for immediate success in the field.

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