Interdisciplinary Studies – Humanities 90-30

Bachelor of Arts

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Interdisciplinary Studies – Humanities 90-30, Bachelor of Arts

The Interdisciplinary Studies with an emphasis in Humanities degree program prepares you to analyze, synthesize, and interpret perennial and contemporary societal issues from a variety of humanistic perspectives. You will graduate able to effectively communicate your ideas in innovative ways to aid personal and community-based problem-solving, within and between cultures.

In this program, you will investigate the nature of human imagination and where human values form through the study of literature, film, technology, art, religion, and the environment. You will be able to make informed decisions on complex issues based on an ability to analyze ideas from multiple perspectives and effectively communicate those ideas in a professional manner.

Career opportunities include:

  • education

  • museum work

  • writing/editing (grant-writing, journalism, publishing)

  • program administration (non-profits, corporate, NGOs)

This flexible bachelor’s degree offers you the opportunity to design a plan of study, in consultation with an advisor, to meet your individual educational needs. You may choose this degree if you plan to enter an occupation that requires a broad general education, if you are seeking career advancement or personal intellectual enrichment, or if you are considering a pre-professional plan.


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