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Cybersecurity, Master of Science

Secure information and project the future in advanced professional roles. Prevent cyberattacks that cost billions.

Step up to the front lines of digital warfare—expanding your mastery as an expert in cybersecurity and meeting critical demand to ensure the safety of government, corporate, and personal information.

Develop specialized expertise in the dynamic field of cybersecurity to ensure the integrity of global infrastructure in civilian, military, and government settings. Through this rigorous graduate program, you’ll prepare to implement secure networks, software solutions, and databases while guarding against identity theft and enforcing appropriate access to privileged information. Expanding your academic knowledge through a variety of electives and research areas, you’ll customize your degree to fit your interests and professional requirements.

Studying under expert faculty members with vast experience and professional contacts across corporate, academic, and government industries, you’ll graduate from this program equipped to pursue professional advancement in essential organizations around the globe.


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