Computer Science


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Computer Science, MASTER OF SCIENCE

Elevate and enrich your understanding and knowledge of crucial technologies with NAU’s master of Computer Science degree. Our graduates possess the skills to work virtually anywhere—as a developer in software or artificial intelligence, a systems analyst, or database administrator. You will gain knowledge of the core skills of computer science, including all phases of software design from planning to implementation, and learn important skills in managing teams and projects.

You will be able to adapt the program to your specific professional or research interests as you work with a faculty mentor on a computer science project. After graduation, you can enter the computer science workforce day-one ready or advance your studies with a doctoral degree.

Highlights of our Master of Science degree in Computer Science:

  • You can choose either the thesis option or non-thesis option for this degree. The non-thesis option is designed for students wanting to go into the workforce after graduation, while the thesis option is appropriate for those considering a doctoral degree.
  • This degree is available in the Accelerated Bachelor’s to Master’s program. As part of this program qualified NAU students are allowed to begin work on this master’s degree as they continue work on their bachelor’s degree.
  • Due to the collaborative nature of the School of Informatics, Computing, and Cyber Systems, you will have opportunities to work on research projects across campus and northern Arizona.


  • In-person: Flagstaff