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Biology, Bachelor of Science

Immerse yourself in the fascinating study of the living world in NAU’s Bachelor of Science in Biology degree program. Our versatile academic program allows you to define your path to success in your specific interest area. Engage in compelling undergraduate research projects on topics ranging from biological mathematical modeling of cancer to restoration ecology to native plant propagation. Through highly desired internships and innovative coursework, you will gain valuable experience in experimental design, data collection and analysis, field and laboratory techniques, dissection, and physiological measurements. Our BS in biology degree is a great fit if you are a pre-med student; it will also prepare you for admission to other advanced programs.

For this comprehensive bachelor’s degree in biology, career opportunities and job titles include:

  • biological research assistant
  • conservation biologist
  • wildlife manager
  • lab technician
  • forensic scientist

A BS in biology degree provides you with a solid background that, with further study, can qualify you for these roles:

  • dentist
  • physician assistant
  • pharmacist
  • veterinarian
  • professor


  • In-person: Flagstaff, Scottsdale Community College